jayant patil cast name?(who is jayant patil)?

 jayant patil cast name?(who is jayant patil)?

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jayant patil cast name?

The jayant patil cast name is the Maratha ( मराठा) and his religion is the Hindu.

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  • Name : Jayant patil

  • Caste name : Maratha 

  • Religion name : Hindu 

Now who is Jayant Patil ?

Jayant Rajaram Patil is one of the popular politicians in Maharashtra .

Currently the  patil is the member of the legislative assembly (Vidhan sabha )

He was  the powerful cabinet minister of the Water Resources Department in Uddhav Thackeray ministry. 

Previously jayant patil was the minister of the following ministry like 

  •  Rural Development Minister (2009 to 2014), 

  • the Finance Minister (1999 to 2008)


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