Ias yasharth shekhar upsc marksheet,optional subject Mark's details?

 Ias yasharth shekhar upsc marksheet,optional subject Mark's details?

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Before starting this article you need to know 

who is yasharth shekhar ?

  • IAS Yasharth Shekhar who is belonging from the Uttar Pradesh.  

  • He completed his education from the Montessori SchoolLucknow and Delhi. 

  • He is smart boy from his childhood and he secured good numbers in the  10th and 12th examinations. 

  • He did his  BA degree with special Economics subject from the prestigious St. Stephens College.

  •  After completing his graduation , he started upsc preparation. 

  • Finally, he got 12th rank in the UPSC in 2021

Ias yasharth shekhar marksheet

1)Essay (Paper 1)=128

Srushti General studies paper Mark's:

1)General Studies – I  =120

2)General Studies – II  =119

3)General Studies – III  =91

4)General Studies – IV  =99

Srushti Option paper:

  • Optional – 1 (Geography 6 )=156

  • Optional – 2 (Geography 7)=150

Written total = 863

Personality( interview)test =162

Ias yasharth singhal(Total) = 1025

According to this above marksheet 

  • In the Essay papers,Ias yasharth shekhar secured 128 Mark's out of 250 marks. 

  • In the general studies paper, yasharth shekhar got very impressive score which is 

 .      1) General studies paper 1 yasharth shekhar  got =120 Marks out of 250.

       2)General studies paper II yasharth shekhar got =119 out of 250.

      3)General studies paper III yasharth got =91 Marks out of 250.

       4)General studies paper IV. yasharth  got =99 Mark's out of 250.

  • yasharth shekhar  took geography subjects as optional subjects. 

  • yasharth shekhar got  following Mark's in the Optional subject 

  1. Geography 1= 156

  2. Geography 2= 150 Mark's out of 150 .

yasharth shekhar  optional  subject and marks:

Ias yasharth shekhar Chose Geography subjects as optional subjects. 

She got a very good Marks in optional subject 


 .          1)Optional – 1 =156 Mark's 

2) Optional – 2 =150 Mark's 


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