Sundar pichai 12th class percentage? (Check now)

 sundar pichai 12th class percentage

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Sundar Pichai 12th class percentage?

Sundar Pichai got 75% in the 12th board examination. After completing his 12th standards he did the B.Tech degrees from the - Kharagpur in Metallurgical sector. 

Did Sundar Pichai fail 12th?

No, Sundar Pichai failed in 12th class, he got 75%. 

What did Sundar Pichai study after 12th?

Sundar pichai studies B.Tech degrees from the - Kharagpur in Metallurgical sector. 

  • Sundar pichai is the ceo of the Google company also known as the Alphabet Inc

  • He is one of the popular chief executives of the Alphabet Inc.

  • He is  Born in Madras, India,

  • Pichai has millions of fan followers on every social media platform. 


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