Mumbai population by religion [religion wise population updated data]

 Mumbai population by religion [religion wise population ]

Hey guys today article is very special for every mumbaikar  people because Here's we try to share all the mumbai population by religion and religion wise population in mumbai 

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  • Mumbai is the one of the most important city in india because it is the financial capital of india 🇮🇳. 

  • It is located in the state of Maharashtra and India's west coast.

  • Also  ,Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. 

  • It is second most Populated city in india and it very expensive city in india 

Name : mumbai 

State: Maharashtra 

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Mumbai population by religion and religion wise population in mumbai (2022)

According to the census of India 2011, we provide all data related to religion wise population below...

1)Hindu    👉8,210,894 =65.99 %

2)Muslims👉2,568,961=20.65 %

3)Christian👉407,031=    3.27 %

4)Sikh👉    60,759    =0.49 %

5)Buddhist👉603,825=    4.85 %

6)Jain👉    509,639=4.10 %

8)Others👉49,439=0.40 %

9)Not Stated👉    31,825=0.26 %

According to the above table the 

  • hindu is one of the biggest religions in Mumbai city because the hinduism population is 8,210,894  which is the 65.99 % percentage out of 100.

  • Muslims are the second largest religion in Mumbai after hindu religion. 

  • Muslims occupied 2,568,961=20.65 % out of total population in mumbai. 

  • Christian and Sikhs are 3.27 and 0.49 respectively. 

  • The Buddhist ☸ population is the 4.85 % in mumbai and aloso Jain are the 4.10%

  • Remaining 0.26 % population has not started till now. 

These  are the details ✨  about the Mumbai population by religion distribution. 

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