Caste wise population in up (Uttar Pradesh)

 caste wise population in up (Uttar Pradesh)

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  • Uttar Pradesh is one of the highest Populated states in india. 

  • According to the census of the 2011, the population of Uttar Pradesh is the 241 million πŸ™„. 

  • Hindi is the official language of Uttar Pradesh state. 

  • Uttar Pradesh shares borders with Madhya Pradesh, Nepal, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Rajasthan. 

  • The growth rate of Uttar Pradesh population is very high as compared to other states. 

Caste wise population in up (Uttar Pradesh)

Brahmin =1.83 croreπŸ‘‰ 9.15%

Thakur(RAJPUT) =πŸ‘‰ 7.25=1.45 crore

Lodha= πŸ‘‰4%

 Muslim rajput) =πŸ‘‰10.55=(2.11crore

Baniya= πŸ‘‰3.6% =72 lac

Yadav= πŸ‘‰8.60(1.72 crore

Jaat= πŸ‘‰2.35(47 lac

Gujjar=πŸ‘‰0.85%=17 lac

Dalit= πŸ‘‰11%=(2.28 crore)

Muslim=πŸ‘‰13%=(2.60 crore

Jatav =πŸ‘‰2.28 crore =11.4%

yadav= πŸ‘‰1.72 crore =8.60%

thakur (rajput) =1.45 crore(πŸ‘‰ 7.25 %

baniya=72 lac πŸ‘‰3.6%

Teli =πŸ‘‰-2%

Kushwaha - =πŸ‘‰8%


This is the detailed information about the caste wise population in up. 


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