Punjabi brahmin caste surnames list (get free list)

punjabi brahmin caste surnames list

Hey guys today we are going to discussing more about the very special topic which is related to the punjabi brahmin caste surnames list

In this short guide we try to share some list of Punjabi brahmin surnames list. 

Who are the Punjabi brahmin?

Brahmin people who live in the Punjabi state are known as the Punjabi brahmin. 

Let's start 

punjabi brahmin caste surnames list

  • Sudan

  • Issar

  • Raina

  • Kaul

  • Dutt

  • Chibber

  • Bakshi

  • Singh

  • Lone

  • Dar

  • Dutta

  • Vaidya

  • Mishra 

  • Pandey 

  • Bharadwaj 

  • Deshmukh 

  • Deshpande 

  • Kulkarni 

  • Desaii 

  • Jothi 

  • Kaul 

  • Trivedi 

  • Chaturvedi 

  • Agnihotri 

  • Mukherjee 

  • Chatterjee 

  • Acharya 

  • Desai 

  • Bhat

  • Shukla

  • Saroop

  • Sand 

  • Shori 

  • Pathak 

  • Mahrur 

  • Joshi 

  • Tiwari 

  • Kural 

  • Bhardwaj

I hope this list is enough to know more about the surnames of Punjabi brahmin caste surnames. 

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Are there Brahmins in Punjab?

Yes ,there are two types of brahmin found in Punjab like 

  • Mohyal Brahmin

  • Saraswat Brahmins

Note (if you like to add any surnames in the above list you can tell us in comments section below we happy to update your surnames in this above list 💯)

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