Bengali brahmin surnames list (free guide check now)

 bengali brahmin surnames

bengali brahmin surnames list

Bengali brahmin surnames list (free guide check now)

Hey guys today we are going to discuss more about a very special topic which is related to the bengali brahmin surnames.

Are you interested to know the surnames of Bengali Brahmin people 🤔?

If your answer is yes then you can read this article till the end 😊. 

I know you're very curious to know all the surnames of bengali brahmin people?

But before starting this guide you need to know 

What is  the Bengali Brahmin caste?

Brahmin people who live in west bengal from the Hindu religion are known as bengali brahmin. 

  • This bengali brahmin people are traditional residential of West Bengal region from the long periods 🙄. 

  • Brahmin baidas kayasthas are the three important and higher castes in the Bengali region. 

  • In west bengal, bengali brahmin is one of the important communities in the state. 

  • The culture of bengali brahmin is so beautiful 😍 as compared to other brahmin of india 🇮🇳. 

bengali brahmin surnames and list 

  • Banerjee 

  • Bagchi 

  • Ganguly 

  • Goswami 

  • Ghoshal 

  • Lahiri 

  • Maitra 

  • Mukherjee 

  • Sanyal

  • Bhaduri 

  • Bhattacharjee 

  • Chakraborty 

  • Chatterjee 

  • Genesh 

  • Raj

  • Chatterjee 

  • Jatin

  • Kumar 

  • Shastri 

  • Vidyasagar 

  • Roy

  • Chakraborty 

  • Bhattacharya.

  • Sengupta

  •  Dasgupta

  •  Duttagupta 

  • Gupta 

  • Adhikari

  • Acharya

  • Das

  • Gupta

  • Tagore 

  •  Thakur


In this short guide we try to share a detailed list for bengali brahmin surnames. 

If you feel missing any surnames on the above list you can tell us in the comments section below we try to update it fastly..

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